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Reconciling Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Energy Healing

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February 23, 2020
10:00 am - 4:30 pm


Serendipity’s Backyard
12111 First Avenue
Richmond, V7E 3M1 CA


Kevin Jackson
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Reconciling Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns and Energy Healing

Feb.22 and 23 two day course

This is a two day event. To take this course you do not need any experience in the Akashic Records or do you need any psychic ability.I am an Elite Certified instructor personally trained by Dr. Linda Howe (https://lindahowe.com/).

Energy Healing, Ancestral Patterns and Past Lives Through the Akashic Records. This is a certification course through The Linda Howe Centre for Akashic Studies. You do not need any experience in the Akashic Records, or do you need to be physic. If you have taken the Practitioners Course and wish to go deeper into your Akashic Records this is the one for you.
In this course we cover the second section of Linda Howe’s book “How to Read the Akashic Records”.

We will be looking at Energy Healing in the Akashic Records and how the light grid is affected. In this topic we also set up a three phase structure when doing reading that you can follow through every reading.

The second special topic is Clearing unwanted Ancestral Patterns. Here we look at why we picked our ancestral lines and how they benefit us. And at the same time letting go of ancestral patterns that no longer support us. We also look at soul groups and get a idea on how they are made up.

The third special topic is Reconciling Past Lives. Here we get a handle on what past lives are not supporting us and also some that can be a great advantage, to help us move through this lifetime a little easier.
You do not need to have the first course to take this one. There will be lots of hands on exercises with in the class.

Your investment for the class is $300 for early registration up to Jan.31st  After that it is $350 Regular

to register go to https://heartandsoulhealing.ca/event/richmond-advanced-practitioners

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to send me a message or text me at 780-872-4177