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Rickie Avitan – Medium Spiritual Healer and Clinical Hypnotherapist

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October 29, 2023
11:00 am


Serendipity’s Backyard
12111 First Avenue
Richmond, V7E 3M1 CA


Rickie Avitan
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Rickie is a psychic medium, a trance medium and a spiritual healer. She is committed to providing you with an environment that is conducive to safe, competent and ethical practice.  She is accountable to her practice and act in a manner that is in accordance with her professional responsibility. It is her highest concern to safeguard your trust.

The information you share with her will never be revealed without your permission. Her goal is to assist you in achieving your optimal level of emotional, physical and spiritual health in situations of normal health, illness, and/or injury.

Rickie Natural Born Medium Rickie will bring forward strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the unseen world. She is a mental (able to receive mental impression and images from the deceased) and evidential (provides strong evidence) medium. She uses all the C’s in her reading: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience (this is very strong with Rickie), Clairsentience, Claircognizance and of course her strong intuition. She hears, feels, and sees spirit. Moreover, Rickie is a trance medium working together with her beloved spirit friend’s delivering inspired speaking and healing.

Mediumship is available to help people move through loss, life transitions, as well as to help the departed heal. As a medium, she is motivated to ease the fear of death/dying, prove survival, bring comfort and healing. She is committed to deliver the messages from your loved ones to you in its purest form. Her utmost respect is given and maintained throughout the readings.

Reading with Rickie A medium reading consists of family members, partners, spouses, friends, and even pets. During a reading Rickie will connect with your departed loved ones in Heaven. She will provide you with strong validation and evidence that your loved ones survived death. In addition, she will receive information about who your loved ones are, how they passed, how they look, their personality and their story the way they wish to share it with us. The information delivered from your loved is unique to them.


Rickie will provide trance healing, trance guidance, spiritual assessment through trance.

All trance sessions require an  hour long – $100 plus gst

Trance Healing is both a form of mediumship and a specialized form of healing. During a trance healing session the medium enters an altered state of awareness. This altered state ranges in levels and degrees in accordance with the abilities of the trance healer. Some trance healer maybe aware of their external surroundings and others may not.

During the altered state of the medium, the Spirit physicians, guides, and clinicians work through the trance healer, providing healing care, intervention and information to the sitter. These practitioners are not visible to the sitter.

This is a totally spiritual experience and sitters must be advised this is a safe and secure healing process. However, like most healing interventions, it is not meant to replace medical care. In all circumstances, consulting a personal physicians and/or medical professional for advice and consultation.

Reading start at 3o min for $50 plus GST

Healing session are a minimum of 45 mins and are $75 plus gst

1 hour sessions are $100 plus gst

Rickie does not read Tarot cards