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Magick 101

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June 27, 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Serendipity’s Backyard
12111 First Avenue
Richmond, V7E 3M1 CA

Magick 101 is a life changing course that will give you the fundamentals in living as a powerful creator of YOUR life, utilizing the elements of planet earth in harmony with your soul’s eternal connectedness to the universe. Be the wizard, magician, witch, magick being! Learn the basic history and evolution of Magick, what it really is and how to bring more Magick into our everyday lives. Learn the foundations in spell casting, gemstone, herb, oils and colour Magicks. Learn how to use your mind power in unison with your heart and soul’s calling. Learn the basics in manifesting. Transform the way you think, know, be, speak and act into that of a powerful creator. For beginners and advanced practitioners. This is an interactive class. Bring your childlike open minds and note taking apparatus. There will be some oils and incense used in demonstrations. Tien Neo Eamas is a Modern Day Wizard. He has learnt how to create a world that he fully participates in and enjoys, living in the present and manifesting with Magick. As the first Asian transman in Vancouver to come out in 2002, Tien has experienced a range of challenges, humiliations and oppressions from abuse and violence, racism, transphobia, immigration hardships, homophobia, sexism, debt, self hatred and suicide attempts. All these challenges were part of his Soul’s journey to his Phoenix Rising, where he, after a suicide attempt in 2009, finally learnt to CHOOSE JOY and to live ONLY for JOY. Only after this commitment was made, were all his spiritual and magick studies and practices able to be powerfully put in place and be effective. The Wizard was born. Tien has learnt from Christianity, Buddhism, Western Paganism, Abraham Hicks, leadership training and personal development and has been casting spells and enjoying the light side of Magick since 1990. He is a gold/silversmith, alchemist, artist, consultant, teacher, coach, speaker, writer and teaches others to live in beauty, magick and joy, transforming life’s challenges into that of wonder and power.


Doors open a 6pm class starts at 6:30

please pre-register with Serendipitys 604-275-1683

Cost $44


Class is limited to 10 people