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Leanna Winberg – Energy Healer

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February 17, 2022
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Serendipity’s Backyard
12111 First Avenue
Richmond, V7E 3M1 CA

Leanna’s life drastically shifted after a series of concussions and other injuries took her from playing semi-professional sports to the world of all things spiritual and energetic. It was through this process of deep healing that Leanna was able to understand that her high-sensitivity, multidimensional gifts, and ability to channel interdimensional information was meant to serve others during this incredible time of shifting consciousness.

Leanna is currently in private practice for Advanced Integrative Energy Healing where she uses a trauma-informed somatic approach in combination with high level energy healing work to support her clients in aligning their own consciousness with the most authentic energetic template available to them. The potential results of these types of treatments are: an increased sense of groundedness and resilience in the nervous system, greater mental/emotional awareness and ease, a stronger connection to the truth of your heart, and a more coherent connection to your spiritual self and the guidance available from beyond this time and space.


All sessions with Leanna are 60 minutes long and include somatic work, energy healing, and integration with tarot/oracle cards. When indicated by Spirit, Leanna will also draw from her background in astrology, Universal Law, quantum healing, journeying, and dream work to share any relevant teachings, messages, or tools that may facilitate a deeper understanding of the healing process and how to best support yourself after the session.

1 hour appointments only